The hand-woven baize is more difficult to apply than the felt baize. Traditionally, baize was adhered with hide glue. This is a difficult method of application. Here are some tips on how to apply either the hand-woven or the felt baize using hide glue.

        The baize should be oversized prior to adhering it to the furniture. The surface of the furniture should be clear of any dust, protruding nails, etc. Heat up a dry iron to low temperature.
        Thinly coat the furniture surface with the hide glue. Place the baize onto the furniture and position and smooth into place. Reactivate the hide glue with the warm dry iron until the baize has adhered adequately, usually just a few minutes. Using a brand-new razor blade, trim the excess fabric to fit. This is not an easy task, applying baize, so you may want to practice first. There are many parameters which can affect the outcome, the freshness and liquidity of your glue, how thick an application of glue is used and how long you iron the baize. If the baize application did not work, simply use the iron to re-warm the glue and the baize can be removed. You will probably not be able to reuse that piece of baize, but since hide glue is water-soluble, you may be able to gently wash out the hide glue and try again. Some customers have recommended fish glue instead of the hide glue. The application would be the same.
        An easier method of application is to use a spray adhesive, we use 3-M Super 77. Prepare the furniture as above. Leave the baize oversized. You may want to tape around the edge of the area where the baize is to be applied, or any over spray can be cleaned up with mineral spirits.
        You have no "play-time" with a spray adhesive, wherever you lay the baize that is where it stays. Spray half the piece of furniture and lay on the baize. Spray the other half of the furniture and smooth the remainder of the baize into place. Trim with a brand-new razor blade. If the baize application is not satisfactory, the baize can be removed by soaking the baize with mineral spirits until you have dissolved the adhesive and the baize can be lifted off. If you have never applied baize, we suggest that you practice first.

Good Luck!

Nancy Cogger

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